St. Andrew's Society of Detroit @ 2016!

Tug O’War


Tug O’War Competition


Tug O’War is one of the oldest athletic contests known throughout recorded history. It was part of the Olympics in Ancient Greece and was included in the modern Olympics until 1910. Far from the schoolyard variety that we all know, Tug O’War is serious business in Scotland and Ireland. Tug O’War leagues with professional sponsors are popular throughout the United Kingdom.

The contest is settled by the best of three pulls. The winners must pull their opponents a total of six (6) feet to win. The rules are: No cleats on your shoes. No hand over hand pulling. You can’t wrap the rope around your body.

Each team consists of 10 pullers each with a weight limit of 2,200 pounds for women and a 2,500 pound weight limit for men. Best two out of three pulls, single elimination. When the winner pulls their opponent the necessary six feet the contest is over. Teams switch sides and do it again.

Tug O’War Men’s Teams:

St. Andrew’s Highlanders (Present Champion)
Livonia Fire Department
The U.S. Marines
Wayne County Sheriffs
U.S. Army
United Irish Societies
Windsor Police

Tug O’War Women’s Teams:

Wayne County Sheriffs – Women’s team (Present Champion)
Detroit Dark Angels (Women’s Pro-Football Team)
Detroit Derby Girls (Roller Derby Team) (

The Men’s Champion receives the 1914 Sheriff’s Cup and bragging rights for a year.