St. Andrew's Society of Detroit @ 2016!

Wee Bairns

Wee Bairns

St. Andrew’s Society of Detroit recognizes that children are our future. To help bring our heritage to them, our Highland Games created an area especially designed for them, Wee Bairns.

Wee Bairns events allow children to gain an understanding of our heritage while having fun.

The Wee Bairns area will be open for the children from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.

• Color a shield for protection on the journey
• Take a wee tour of Scotland
• Wee Bairns Sheep Toss
• Toss a Wee Caber
• Fishing in Loch Ness
• Conquer the castle be attacking with a catapult
• An appearance by Nessie

Questions about our Wee Bairns activities
Contact: Paula Lupi