St. Andrew's Society of Detroit @ 2016!

Extra Activity Events

Bringing Scotland a wee bit closer! Besides the many traditional events scheduled during the Highland Games, there are many other ongoing activities available throughout the day.

Raffle: Our raffle tickets are $5.00 each. All proceeds from the raffle will go to Scholarship Programs: Alma College, Kincaid Scottish Arts Scholarship Program and Walsh College.  First prize is $2,500. Second prize is $1,000 and third prize is $500.

Stop by our raffle tent located next to the Welcome Center for a complete list of prizes.
Raffle Ticket Prices are $5.00 each.

MacFarlane’s Company Living History Troupe makes Living History presentations throughout the world. The Company has earned a reputation for quality of its work, the authenticity of its presentations, and the amount of research which goes into its endeavors. Most importantly, the Company is recognized for providing events with a strong historical base in a user-friendly manner.

Scottish Country Dancing


It would be hard to find a more graceful dance than Scottish Country Dancing. Lads in kilts and lasses in white dresses with tartan sashes perform intricate steps and winding figures reminiscent of the interlaced knot-work of Celtic jewelry and art.


To celebrate our heritage, we must know something about our ancestors and their countries of origin. Visit our Genealogy Tent and let us help you climb your family tree, We’ll show you how to get started following your ancestral trail.

Wee Bairns

Nothing is more important than the area we offer for our children. This area, referred to as the Wee Bairns area, has special programming for young children. click here for more information.

And More

Our Games would not be complete without bringing the animals of Scotland a wee bit closer.

A variety of Scottish Food and Drink is available during both our Ceilidh and Games.

Questions about Additional Happenings or the Raffle
Contact: Cathy Hasse, Jerry Beasley or Glen Milligan